Friday, October 16, 2009

Hello, I'm single.........(The Beginning)

Hello, i'm single. 'Scuse me, can i get a table for 1? um, it'll just be me tonight. however you say it, it sounds pitiful. Today was no exception. Sweetest day. a figment holiday created in fact to make those without someone special feel singled out (no pun intended) in a room fool of couples salivating over each other. Drinking milkshakes with 2 straws, and violins playing for them as they each take an end of their spaghetti and begin to slurp until they reach the middle and find themselves in a lip lock so romantic i want to throw stones. o k so maybe its not that dramatic. Maybe it just feels that way, but i was with my girls, and i didn't notice. (kinda) We laughed, and told stories, and drank, and the best part was we ate. So i didn't feel so single. single? o yea, i didn't feel that single today on sweetest day.....sweetest day? i've never had anybody on sweetest day, besides my ex boyfriend but we broke up maybe 4 years ago. before that though, nothing. and now? NADA. Am i not allowed to be single, and sweet? no short shot that i'd be halfway dating somebody......and they'd somewhat want to take me out....and we kinda would have a good time. no? apparently i'm wishing on stars. which are not out tonight thank the heavens because anything else more romantic might make me throw up my lonely guts. Sweetest day. This day stings a little less than Valentines day, because its not on the calendar. What i have learned however is that Sweetest day is not celebrated EVERYWHERE. So i need to do a poll and find out where they aren't, and go there every 3rd saturday in October. I may sound sour....but honestly what other day is celebrated like this? If they had a Leg Day where we all went around celebrating our legs...and running marathon's and what not....simply because we have legs. people in wheelchairs would be outraged! They'd say we are completely disregarding those less fortunate, and parading our perfect limbs in the faces of those who aren't as blessed. We'd be called inconsiderate, and disrespectful. (i know its a reach but stay with me) so why is it ok to make love the focus of a day? what about those who have lost a significant other? or who have yet to find them? are we to sit down in the dark and wait for the clock to strike midnight until the so called "lovers" return to their senses and realize that most of the world is single? Single and functioning? Single and great, single and adventurous, single and beautiful. single and motivated caring and a great cook? Wait...sounds like an add for love right? ok. well today is my last day i will spend devoting any time to this so called Sweetest day hooplah. I'm taking a stand. i will not be tormented by society's way of tricking me into thinking there's something wrong with me if i'm not with someone. i will smile, laugh, dance, sing, tell jokes, meet up with great and as enthusiastic as i ever was. more so on today than any other day. the problem is this new found freedom has been discovered a quarter till midnight. : ) i have 15 minutes to exercise my opinions, and put them into action. it will only take me 5 words to sum it up. "Hello, I'm single......and Happy." I am not alone, nor am i depressed. Celebrate on, because deep down their is a single person inside everyone. and if for whatever reason you have to resort back to those days, i'd like to promote happiness on Sweetest day, Fulfillment on Valentine's Day, and greatness every day. this is only the beginning.

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